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I will only warn you once... I AM DEATH!
~ John Wade to Detective Bryan Pawalski.
Nothing can stop what they deserve! Death is their gift!
~ John Wade's bloody message about his victims using Bill Sawyer's corpse.

John Wade, also known as The Pale Grin, is the main protagonist of the 2020 horror game The Happyhills Homicide, and the overarching antagonist of its upcoming sequel, The Happyhills Homicide 2.

He is a clown-dressed serial killer who is setting out revenge upon all of those who harmed him in the past.


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John worked as a janitor for Westpine High School. Due to his grotesque appearance, he was despised by all of his coworkers and the students at the school, with the exception of Madison, a student. John developed a crush on Madison Carpenter, keeping a photo of her in his closet. On June 30th 1982, two jocks from the Football Team set fire to the place, leaving John getting horrifically burned, being presumably deceased and losing his home, causing him to seek vengeance upon those who hurt him.

The Killings[]

The Happyhills Homicide[]

In "Edge of Your Seat," he starts with Gordon Baker, a fellow teacher of Westpine High School, and stabs his body 16 times. In "Spark of Joy," he breaks into a girl's house and kills her by electrocuting her in the bathtub with a radio. In "Lawn Enforcement," he set a bear trap in a garden, which the gardener accidentally stepped on, before being run over and shredded by John.

In "Rain of Fire," John breaks into the house of Hank Wallace. He pours gasoline into a boiler, then proceeds to light a match in the shower, killing Hank by burning him to death. In "Cabin Fever", he lures a lumberjack outside of his house by breaking a bottle, and proceeds to decapitate him with a chainsaw. In "Nine Inch Nails," John goes to a mall and kills a security guard with a nailgun.

In "Don't Drop the Soap," John targets the jocks, Tyler and Chad, who were former students from Westpine High School. He drops a bar of soap next to Tyler and sets off the fire alarm. This causes Tyler to run out, but he slipped on the soap bar, and fatally hits his head against a bench. Chad appears and attempts to tackle John, but is overpowered and fatally beaten to death by John, who was wearing a football helmet. In "Just Rel-Axe," he kills a police officer with a fire axe. In "Number One Fan," he targets two young girls (who are also former students of the high school that bullied him) at a haunted house attraction by attempting to decapitate them with a ceiling fan. The power, however, stops working and John goes to fix the breakers, which causes the ride to resume and kill both of the girls. In "Lights Out," John kills a man by deflecting bullets that came from the man's gun. He takes a machete and climbs into a roof and stabs another man repeatedly through a wall, killing him. In "Death From Below." John killed a fisherman with a harpoon. In "Hotel Killifornia," he stabbed and killed a woman with a clothes hanger. In "Medium Rare," he goes to a restaurant and kills a chef by smashing his head against a grill and burning him with coffee.

In "Hay Fever," John targets a man named William "Bill" Macsawyer (who has no connection to John or Westpine High School) at a farm. He stabs the farmer with a rake, and then shredded him with a Bale Maker. In "Midnight Stalker", he stalks and follows Madison Carpenter after he left a subway station (which is where Detective Bryan Pawalski is sleeping). John corners Madison, but Pawalski appears and threatens John, who escapes.

In "No Loose Ends," John makes his way to Madison's house, and kills a police officer (who was Madison's bodyguard) by strangling him. He goes inside, but is ambushed by Madison. John throws a baseball bat at her, hitting Madison, who fatally falls down the stairs. John appears standing next to Madison's corpse, and expresses his remorse for killing her and how she was the only person that was nice to him. In "What's Up, Doc?," John goes to a hospital and impersonates a therapy clown. He pulls the plug on a comatose woman, killing her in order to alert his victim, Dr. Hawkins. John fatally electrocutes Hawkins with defibrillators. In "Metal Militia," he targets a gang at a bar and proceeds to get into a bar fight. After stabbing and killing all the gang members with a broken bottle and pool cue, John kills their gang leader by shooting him several times with a crossbow.

Now being hunted by police in "Kill 'Em All," John attempts to kill a janitor, which is revealed to be a decoy set by a SWAT team. John kills a SWAT officer with a mallet, tricks two other officers into fatally shooting each other, and using the corpse of one of the officers to slaughter several more SWAT officers with a gun. John steals a van and runs over six more SWAT officers, before fatally running over the actual janitor.

In the last tape, "Meet Your Maker," after killing 59 people in his spree, he is finally confronted by detective Bryan Pawalski at the Westpine High School, which is revealed to had been abandoned and never rebuilt due to the fire. The detective shoots him repeatedly, but John manages to escape and will presumably continue his crimes.

The Happyhills Homicide 2[]

In “The Bad…”, set six years after his killing spree, John is revealed to have survived and went into hiding. After learning about a copycat killer on the news, John proceeds to mock the copycat, due to the latter leaving behind obvious evidence from a murder that the copycat committed.

He decides to continue his own killing spree to prove himself that he’s better than him, along with getting revenge on Bryan Pawalski. He starts his second killing spree by killing an arcade worker with a sledgehammer, before the latter is crushed to death with a weight.


John is silent throughout most of the game as he callously kills each of his victims in creative and graphic ways. He prefers to remain unseen while performing these murders, though he takes clear sadism in them, further shown by how he videotaped his murders. His resentment towards his victims is shown by the fact that he stabbed one of them 16 times. He only shows outward anger when writing bloody messages or faced with the detective and states that he is "wrath" or "justice." This also shows he delusionally believes he is in the right.

Despite his hate for everybody at Westpine, he loved Madison Carpenter, the only student who was kind to him. This could be seen as an obsession; however, as she is underage, he kept a photo of her and later stalked her, then accidentally killed her for fighting back.


John Wade (5)

John Wade (6)

John stabs Gordon Baker.

John Wade (7)

John kills one of the Football players who burned his home.


I am wrath!
~ A message written in blood by John after killing Gordon Baker.
I'm sorry.
~ Another message written in Madison's blood by John, expressing his remorse for killing the former.
Nothing can stop what they deserve! Death is their gift!
~ John Wade's bloody message about his victims using Bill Sawyer's corpse.


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John Wade (2024)


Who was John Wade? ›

John Wade (1788–1875) was a British journalist and author, connected with the press throughout his career. He contributed to many periodicals, and was a leader-writer on The Spectator when that journal was under Robert Stephen Rintoul's editorship between 1828 and 1858.

Who did John Wade play for? ›

Wade went on to be selected by the Jacksonville Jaguars in the fifth round of the 1998 NFL Draft and became a starter for several seasons with Jacksonville, Tampa Bay and Oakland over an 11-year NFL career.

Who is John Wade in the Lake of the Woods? ›

The protagonist of the novel, John Wade is a rising politician in Minnesota until his career ends after people learn that he participated in the massacre at Thuan Yen during the Vietnam War. John experienced a troubled childhood.

What happened to Kathy in the Lake of the Woods? ›

She had to keep the secret in the years after, and she couldn't take it any longer, so she committed suicide. Kathy had certainly been under pressure from the election, John's past, and her unwanted abortion. Maybe she'd had enough disappointment and sadness.

Who is the protagonist in the Happyhills homicide? ›

John Wade, also known as The Pale Grin, is the main protagonist of the 2020 horror game The Happyhills Homicide, and the overarching antagonist of its upcoming sequel, The Happyhills Homicide 2. He is a clown-dressed serial killer who is setting out revenge upon all of those who harmed him in the past.

What is Wade famous for? ›

As a three-time NBA Champion, Olympic Gold medalist, and thirteen-time NBA All-Star, Dwyane Wade has experienced a whirlwind career. Wade joined the Miami HEAT as the fifth pick of the 2003 NBA Draft.

How many teams did Wade play for? ›

In July 2016, Wade briefly left Miami to play for the Chicago Bulls and the Cleveland Cavaliers for a season and a half before being traded back to Miami in February 2018 where he finished his playing career and retired in 2019. The Heat retired Wade's #3 jersey in 2020.

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Dwyane Wade was drafted by the Miami Heat in the historic 2003 NBA Draft. By his second season, he was already one of the top players in the League.

What happened to John at the end of In the Lake of the Woods? ›

He broadcasts his memories of Kathy on the same radio, which are heard by police officers. He never confesses or indicates that he knows where Kathy is. Then, like his wife, John disappears. He might have fled to Canada.

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The history of the Lake of the Woods region began in 1688 when Jacques De Noyon came from Three Rivers, Quebec to become the first white man to view the waters.

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John Wade, the anti-hero of this novel, is self-serving and mentally disturbed, but also good looking, intelligent, and immensely charming. John assumes many identities in the course of his life: magician, Sorcerer, son, lover, husband, soldier, war criminal.

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Dwyane Wade | Miami Heat |

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He played for the Minnesota Vikings, Atlanta Falcons, New Orleans Saints, Dallas Cowboys, and Oakland Raiders in a seventeen-year NFL career from 1981 to 1998.

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