Download The Happyhills Homicide android on PC (2024)

The Happyhills Homicideon PC

The Happyhills Homicide, coming from the developer Rainbow Studio Game, is running on Android systerm in the past.

Now, You can play The Happyhills Homicide on PC with GameLoop smoothly.

Download it in the GameLoop library or search results. No more eyeing the battery or frustrating calls at the wrong time any more.

Just enjoy The Happyhills Homicide PC on the large screen for free!

The Happyhills HomicideIntroduction

The creepy 3D stealth horror game The Happyhills Homicide, which was influenced by 80s slasher movies, features a clown going on a deadly murder spree.

You take on the role of a serial killer in The Happyhills Homicide who disguises himself as a clown and commits horrifyingly inventive murders. In every stage of the game, your objective is to kill your target. To accomplish this, you usually need to get your hands on lethal weapons, break into homes, and punish your unwary prey. You must be careful not to be seen because the element of surprise is crucial for your killings.

The homicide illustrations in Happyhills are pixel art, yet they are nonetheless incredibly brutal and horrible. Some of the kills, like the nail gun one, are amazing. He becomes more inventive and forceful with his happyhills strategies. eventually required him to kill a large number of opponents to his Happyhills homicide.

We hope that you enjoy playing Happyhills Homicide and have fun!

Download The Happyhills Homicide android on PC (2024)


Is Happyhills Homicide free on PC? ›

Now, You can play The Happyhills Homicide on PC with GameLoop smoothly. Just enjoy The Happyhills Homicide PC on the large screen for free

Can you play Happyhills Homicide on Android? ›

Download HappyHills Homicide 1 APK for Android - Free and Safe Download.

What is the Happyhills homicide on? ›

The game is available for free on its Gamejolt page. A spinoff game called The Rainman would be released in October 2023.

How to install PC games for free? ›

Check sites like Epic Games Store, Steam, GOG, and EAGames for available free titles across genres. The Poki Unblocked and Epic Games Store especially give away high-quality paid games for free every Thursday. Steam also offers free weekends to play and try out games temporarily.

What network is city homicide on? ›

Does PC have free games? ›

Free PC games are games that you can download and play without any cost. They can range from indie titles to well-known classics. You can find them on various platforms, such as Steam, Epic Games Store, good old games (GOG), and even official game websites.

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