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One woman hospitalized, one arrested after stabbing in Central Park

One woman is in the hospital and another woman is in police custody after a stabbing in Fredericksburg on Monday evening.

Robbery suspect released on bond; Prosecutors want him back in jail

A prosecutor’s unsuccessful effort Monday to have a robbery suspect put back in jail ended with a judge removing himself from the case altogether.

Two teens charged in armed robberies of 7-Eleven stores

Two teenagers have been charged in connection with recent armed robberies at 7-Eleven stores in King George and Westmoreland counties, police said.

Man facing 9th DUI conviction granted bond in Stafford

A man facing the possibility of a ninth DUI conviction got an early Christmas present from a judge in Stafford County on Wednesday.

City Council votes to give police officers $3,500 raises

Since late spring, a group of Fredericksburg protesters have requested the city “defund the police,” or redirect resources to crime prevention rather than law enforcement.

Second teenager charged in November slaying in Fredericksburg

A second suspect has been charged in connection with a deadly shooting last month in Fredericksburg, police said.

YouTube video earns Stafford man 18 months in prison

A Stafford County man was ordered Friday to serve 18 months in prison for appearing in a music video while holding a firearm, court records show.

Drug charges dropped for witness in case that led to conviction of local pharmacist

    Drug charges were dropped Friday against a man who was instrumental in bringing down a pharmacist who was illegally distributing drugs from his Fredericksburg pharmacy.

    YouTube video earns Stafford man 18 months in prison

      A Stafford County man was ordered Friday to serve 18 months in prison for appearing in a music video while holding a firearm, court records show.

      Spotsylvania man pleads guilty to child p*rn charges

        A Spotsylvania County man who, according to court records, admitting viewing or downloading about a million images of child p*rnography over the past 17 years pleaded guilty to two charges this week.

        5 year old accidentally brings gun to school, adult facing charges

          Charges are pending against an adult after a 5-year-old boy showed up at school with a loaded firearm Thursday morning, police said.

          Medical emergency may have been cause of fatal crash in Stafford

            A 61-year-old man died following a single-vehicle crash in Stafford County late Wednesday that apparently stemmed from a medical emergency, police said.

            Fredericksburg courts close due to coronavirus

              Fredericksburg Circuit Court and General District Court will be closed on Wednesday because of issues related to COVID-19, according to the city’s website.

              Some Bowling Green residents find Nazi flyers in their driveways

                A flyer that circulated around Bowling Green containing a Nazi symbol with the headline “It Is No Disgrace to Love Your Race” startled residents of the Caroline County town recently.

                Local News

                Fredericksburg home listings for people who need a lot of living space

                Browse Fredericksburg homes over 4,000 square feet in size.

                Stafford student selected national youth correspondent

                Allie Medina of Colonial Forge will attend the2024 Washington Journalism and Media Conference at George Mason University in Fairfax.

                Fredericksburg neighbors: Obituaries for June 10

                Read through the obituaries published today in Fredericksburg Free Lance Star.

                Spotsylvania considering new bridge over Rappahannock River

                The Spotsylvania Planning Commission approved amendments to the county’s Thoroughfare Plan after a public hearing Wednesday, and two changes could mean big changes down the road.

                Charles City deputy dies after medical emergency during struggle with subject

                A Charles City County sheriff's deputy died after he experienced a medical emergency as a result of a physical altercation with a person.

                Poverty mires many Virginians in segregated schools; some seek solutions

                Over the years ideas to combat the problem have ranged from busing and school district consolidation, to rezoning, open enrollment, increased funding, extended school years and expanded school choice.

                Ax-wielding man shot, killed by police in Roanoke after repeated threats

                A spokesman said the suspect struck one patrol car several times with the weapon. He then advanced toward officers. “At that time, two Roanoke police officers discharged their service weapon.”

                Them Duke boys? Car climbs embankment, lands on train tracks in Charlottesville.

                It was like an action scene from the 1970s Southern-fried television show.

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                Felony charge dropped against nurse practitioner in Spotsylvania; other charges still pending

                A judge Friday declined to certify to circuit court a felony charge against a man accused of sexually molesting a 7-year-old autistic girl at a Spotsylvania clinic last year.

                Man pleads guilty to arson after torching girlfriend's home in Stafford on Christmas

                A man who burned down his girlfriend’s home in Stafford during a Christmas Day 2022 argument pleaded guilty to arson this week.

                Spotsylvania triple homicide suspect apprehended in New York

                The Spotsylvania woman accused of killing three of her housemates Tuesday was caught Thursday, police said.

                Spotsylvania man gets 15 years for propositioning teen in Stafford

                A man who was arrested after he asked a 13-year-old girl if she wanted to view his private area was ordered Thursday to serve 15 years in prison.


                Stafford trail extension back in play?

                Stafford County officials believe a federal grant could help the Belmont-Ferry Farm trail get extended from Chatham Bridge to George Washington's Ferry Farm home, Getting There columnist Scott Shenk writes.

                Virginia General Assembly to come back to fix veterans education benefit

                The General Assembly will reconsider changes to a higher education benefit for families of military veterans either killed or almost completely disabled while on active duty.

                Trump ally Steve Bannon must surrender to prison by July 1 to start contempt sentence, judge says

                Longtime Trump ally Steve Bannon says he'll fight a judge's ruling that he must report to prison by July 1 to serve his four-month sentence.

                Stafford board deals with recurring issues

                Enon Solar Farm can apply for a new permit and county canines retired from service will get the medical care they need.

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